Clothing for this Green Season

Clothing for this Green Season

The green season is already in Costa Rica and it came to stay here for at least six months. Everything got greener and it is the preferred season for mating for many animal species. We, humans, tend to be less enthusiastic about it, but we can take advantage of this season as we stay positive.

Rainfalls in the afternoon are expected. Accompanied by a cup of warm coffee, tea, or chocolate, they become lovely spaces of time for reflection on our lives and what we want to make of them. Cold nights become cozy when you are in bed covered by a quilt. Better accompanied than alone.
And clothing isn’t different. The green season is an excellent opportunity to dress clothes we don’t do often in the dry season.

Green Season Clothing

This is where hoodies and long shorts come into play. These clothes are perfect for those “not that warm” afternoons at the beach. You don’t want to feel the chill of the cold wind after the rain on your skin but also not wrap yourself in heavy clothes.


two woman dressing hoodies, green season clothing

Hoodies are sweatshirts with a hood but without sleeves. They can be used alongside a blouse or with a t-shirt. They provide the extra warmth needed to stand the chill of cloudy afternoons or cold nights. You can even use it alone for sleeping or on warmer days.
They are great sports buddies because allow you freedom of movement.

Long Shorts

woman dressing long short green season clothing

Longer shorts, right? There isn’t any magic behind the long shorts but they can provide some extra skin coverage protecting you from the cold winds while keeping the flexibility trousers won’t give to you. Long shorts are amazing for practicing physical activities, sleeping, or just dancing at night parties.

Ready for the green season clothing?

This season is a great opportunity for a change of image. Take the best of these cloudy skies and the blessing of the rain. If nature takes the best of it, we can do it too. For those hot mornings, we still recommend our shorts and tops.
I hope you like our recommendations, our clothes are ready to get to you. Also, You can personalize your hoodies or your shorts in our store. We’ll be in contact with you about the details of the delivery.