Kids lessons

The first lesson

When it comes to learning something new, the method is always the same, you need someone that pushes you the first time. If it works on learning how to ride a bike, why not in surfing?

I do really love to teach kids, they have this look between being nervous and curious like “I am kinda scared but I still want to do it”, then they just do it.

With my husband we just recently had this lesson with a pair of wonderful kids. I remember being very anxious the first time I hit the waves; because of this I always try to relax the kids with some fun exercises using the beach sand as an improvised but lively blackboard to explain the basics and safety pieces of advice, quite important.
We always do our best to make the ambient pretty chill, with kids jokes, funny poses, interacting with elements present on the beach, telling them our own first surf experience, because we think learning doesn’t have to be boring or serious and this relaxes both the students as the teachers.

As we head to the shore in time to last bits of advice and some chitchat to loosen up.
Time to get in the water and we always keep an eye on them, very close just in case and also because we enjoy a lot to see the kids standing for the first time over the board.
Shallow waters are used for this, they are safe, and falling off the board means no harm.
At the end of the session, one thing is sure, it was fun and both sides learned a lot from each other, a slice of life neither of both will never forget.

I like to think that I am teaching someone who could be the next World Surf Champion or just someone who will enjoy surf for the rest of life. I hope my students will remember me with warmth in their hearts.