About Santa Teresa

This is Santa Teresa!

Santa Teresa in the Nicoya peninsula, Costa Rica, was a sleepy fishing village when the first foreigners started arriving in the 90s. Hippie surfers were the trailblazers, living in tents on the beach. Now the town attracts a chic crowd, indeed many celebrities such as Gisele Bundchen and Mel Gibson own homes here. But the town hasn’t lost its hippie roots, it’s still green and savage and rustic and raw. It’s a smoothie-heavy, macchiatos and superfood kinda place. Recovering corporate junkies down their green juices alongside locals eating patacones and fresh bean dip. This ain’t no Cancun that’s for sure.

You’re on a gorgeous sandy beach, the waves are thunderous, the sky is metallic blue, there are monkeys playfully jumping in the trees above you, you have a green juice in your hand, or possibly a margarita, and you’re blissed out after surfing. If that sounds good then c’mon over!

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very safe country with a low crime rate. It’s a great destination for the first time Latin America travelers. It also has good infrastructure, public services, and First World standard healthcare. English is very widely spoken. The country is very enlightened, with no army since 1948. The government at that time decided to divert money from the military into schools and education. In World Happiness Indexes Costa Rica consistently ranks very highly.
It is also a World leader in environmental policies. For example, 99 percent of its electricity comes from renewable sources.