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The Girl and The Sea Fashion

The girl and the sea fashion is inspired by my love of the ocean and surfing. I feel most alive in the ocean and wanted to put this passion into my creations. Every woman deserves to feel comfortable and cool. The materials are soft and everything is made locally and sustainably in Costa Rica.

My clothing line embodies the Pura Vida spirit because it is for women who love the outdoors and movement. It is for surfing, skating, sup, yoga, and biking … and also for an elegant night out. The prints reflect the landscape, wildlife, and tropical fruits of this amazing country. Chase new waves, seek wild places, and dance until the sun comes up … all with effortless femininity.

2023 TGTS New Clothing Line

The new 2023 collection brings new clothing types like overalls, skirts, and dresses. Meanwhile, new prints and designs come to the traditional shorts and tops.
The Ninfa bodysuit draws the attention of those around you with its vintage design. A combination between elegance and versatility.
Overalls are a very smart choice for those performing activities that require flexibility and a bit of extra protection. It comes with pockets on the sides to bring easy access to small tools while gardening. They are loose so the user moves freely.
When it comes to dresses, we have the ones that consist of a top and skirt in the same piece and the long ones.
The shorter ones are adequate for attending parties and social events. Meanwhile, the long ones are designed for those evenings and nights at home when you only want to enjoy a relaxing time.
Shorts and tops received design updates and new colors. It is good for those looking for more prints, colors, and styles in these kinds of garments.
The fishnet hoodies are introduced this season, with a design that looks fresh and unique.

2023 TGTS New Clothing Line

Let’s share some photos of the TGTS 2023 collection! Also, you can check our entire apparel catalog by clicking HERE.