Surf School

Boards are only included in the Beginner Lessons

  • Beginner Lessons

    This covers the basics of surfing. Safety, paddling, the pop up, stance, accelerating and decelerating the board, whitewater turns, the flying push up, the turtle roll, sitting on the board and turning from sitting. Boards and rashguards included. Kids and adult prices are the same.

    Private – 90$
    2 persons – 75$
    Group – 65$

  • Intermediate Lessons

    It’s time to tackle the outside! How to paddle to the outside, best positioning for catching the unbroken waves, angling the take off, staying high on the wave face, cutbacks.

    Private – $90
    2 persons – $75
    Group – $65

  • Advanced Lessons

    Speed creation, utilizing compression and extension, how to have the best cutback on the beach, floaters, bottom turns, top turns, taking off on steeper waves, transition to a shortboard, tackling bigger waves.

    Private – $90
    2 persons – $75
    Group – $65

Group Lessons

If you like to meet new people and share the fun, we have group lessons. These lessons are aimed at beginners.

Group Lesson – $65

The Coaching Program

Our coaching program is structured and technical, where everything is broken down into easy to understand body mechanics and drills. With beach based theory sessions, constant in-water feedback, goal-setting, and plenty of practice time – this is the place to come if you want to learn to surf properly. And that’s not to say we don’t have fun and a bit of lark at the beach. Our instructors take surfing seriously, but they don’t take themselves too seriously.

One of our key beliefs is that most women learn differently from men. Women generally want to hear more detail and theory, and we have a more instinctive desire to protect ourselves. We also have boobs and butts, and we tend to have slightly less shoulder strength than men. These differences are reflected in our teaching approach. We understand how to build confidence levels, expand comfort zones, and get the best out of you.

Come join this lady powered adventure! It’s guaranteed to change your life.