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We love to create multimedia content because we believe videos and music can show much more than a thousand words. In the last months, we have been recording our surfing and skating sessions in order to prepare good multimedia content. We hope our Youtube channel will become a referent that shows the chill vibe of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, and our own surf school.

We started to populate our new channel with a video of one of our skateboarding sessions. This session was extraordinary with Michelle and her friends skating around so we wanted to make a special montage for it.

Santa Teresa has developed an important niche for Skating. Because of that, there are three different skate parks distributed all over the zone, two of them being open to the public in general for skateboarding and roller skating.

Skating is part of our lifestyle. It really helps us to improve our surfing skills in many ways, as we explained in this article, and it is a very funny activity which demands top-notch physical and mental condition.

We hope you like it and subscribe our Youtube channel for more content, news and videos from Santa Teresa, our surf school and our surf lessons.