Skating and skateboarding at Santa Teresa

Skating at Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is quite associated with surf, nightlife, wildlife watching, camping, fishing, and many other beach and water activities.
What about if I tell you that Santa Teresa can be associated with skating and skateboarding? Probably you won’t believe me and I can’t blame you. This is the purpose of this post though.

Skateboarding has been known as a good exercise to practice your balance, which is very important in surfing. Because of that, many surf instructors actually skateboarded often, they took advantage of the few spaces good enough for this. Some business owners saw this as a good opportunity to create tracks and allow renting them per hour.

Then the Santa Teresa Skate Park came as an effort of the community to bring a public place where people can skate rolling or skateboard for free. Many people volunteers to keep it clean and running, and many young people visit it daily to have fun or improve their skills.

If you want a private place where you can have the space just for you and your friends, there are two private initiatives, Thomas Ritchie place and Pacifica Skate got you covered in that matter.

Santa Teresa is getting more skaters every day, that is indeed good news. It is an incredible activity that became an Olympic sport in Tokyo this year and it is getting our teenagers away from the drugs and gangs.
I hope to see in the near future, tournaments, and events around Skating here in Santa Teresa.

A group of women skating and the Santa Teresa Skate park.

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