Surf and the Olympic games

Surf and the Olympic games

Despite Surf is a sport which modern history has more than 120 years so far, it has been hard to change this wrongful concept of surfers being completely worry-free.
This idea of surfers being totally chill all the time, just needing little money for their expenses, and even doing some crimes to keep their living style has been fueled by Hollywood with a bunch of movies.

From Gidget to Point Break, these movies help to the growth of the surf. They also pushed some misconceptions about the surf culture. Meanwhile, the documentaries, while being more accurate about the surfer’s lifestyle, shows surf as being out of the reach of the common worker and only for people with tons of money. Or lucky enough of being born in a tropical area with good beaches.

That’s why Surf at the Olympic games becomes so important today. Just a month ago, surf events were celebrated in Tokyo with many important figures of the sport being present, including Brisa Hennesy representing Costa Rica and getting a spot on the top 8.
With the competitive face of surfing receiving full coverture, where athletes give their best effort, it was demonstrated that surfing also pushes people to practice hard and discipline themselves as any other sport.
By the way, Surf is coming back for Paris 2024. Hurrah!

At the same time Surfing is the escape everyone needs from time to time from everyday life. Casually practicing or receiving surf lessons in any surf school can be the most relaxing experience.
For those who want to start a career in surfing, surfing schools are the way to start, receiving lessons and advice from people who take surfing seriously while teaching it in fun ways.

That is the magic of the surf, it is for everyone. For the office worker, the housewife or the househusband, for the student, the blue-collar, the self-employed, the professional, the retired, and the athletes. There is no way to describe exactly the surf culture because everyone has a surfer inside waiting for arriving at the beach and ride the waves!