Training for Surf, Skateboarding

Want to train for surfing? Skateboarding

Skateboarding sounds like kinda opposite of surfing, I mean, both sports have the board, but what would be the point of the wheels on water, right? 😛
Incredibly both activities have too much in common. When it comes to movements, reflexes, muscle memory, and fun the two are quite similar.

So it is not a surprise that many professional surfers actually do skate often, it is an excellent exercise before hitting the water or to practice when you are away from any beach with good conditions for surfing.
Also, many cities around the globe have skate parks, which brings a lot of good opportunities to train.

What would be the aspects that could benefit your surfing skills by skating?


In both sports balance is primordia. I mean, you need to stay over the board and feel comfortable. If you get used to balancing over a skateboard, it will be easier for you to get that balance on a surfboard.


Controlling your speed is really important, with skating you will learn maneuvers that allow you to control your velocity when to speed up or slow down.


Both techniques are really important for surfers, you need to accustom your waist, shoulders, hands, and feet to turn in the right moment to have control of your direction. Also a good exercise for the waist. 😉

The right stance

For surfing where to put the feet is important, it helps your body to memorize your position on the surfboard. It is exactly the same as a skateboard.

Motor skill and muscle memory

As you practice more and more, your body will get used to the movements and the techniques. Then you will realize you are doing all those movements without being conscious of it. Since both surfing and skating are quite similar, when you ride on the surfboard your body will remember the skating movements you practiced so much.

Identify when you are making a mistake

So if you feel you are doing something wrong while skating, there is a 99% chance you will commit the same mistake while you are surfing.
So correcting your mistakes in skateboarding will help your surfing skills.

Your surf style

Once you get over the basics, It is time to develop your own style of skateboarding. You feel confident and then you can try new tricks, techniques, and movements. This confidence will get translated to the surfboard.

Having fun.

This is the most important aspect of both activities, just have fun by yourself or with friends.

What do you say? Try to skateboarding then come to me for surf lessons, I am sure It will be an experience you will never forget.

Woman skateboarding