Green Season surf contest

Green Season surf contest

Recently we celebrated the green season surf contest held in Santa Teresa, specifically in Playa Banana. It was a two day tournament in which more than seventeen hundred dollars in prizes were distributed.
The tournament had several categories: open women, open men, juniors, girls, grommet, master, longboard, and SUP.
The event was organized by the Asociacion de Surf de Mal Pais y Santa Teresa in conjunction with Selina Surf Club and Banana Beachfront Hotel, with the support of the Costa Rica Surf Federation.

We wholeheartedly thank the participants. Without you, this event would not have been possible.
It should be remembered that the importance of these events serves to keep surfers in optimal conditions for other tournaments and qualifiers at the national and international levels.
We also congratulate the champions who showed a very good level. They did not have it easy because all the competitors proved to be in excellent condition.

The surf contest Champions are…

Below we share the list of the first places.

  • Open Category for men:

    1) Malakai Martínez 14,16 pts.
    2) Andreas Schneider 12,50 pts.
    3) Matias Brau 9,56 pts.
    4) David Monge 7,80 pts.

  • Open category for women:

    1) Rachel Agüero 7,43 pts.
    2) Lia Diaz 5,90 pts.
    3) Auxiela Ryan 4,97 pts.
    4) Delphine Guiffant 4,90 pts.

  • Junior for men:

    1) Jesús Pérez 12,34 pts.
    2) David Monge 9,77 pts.
    3) Tosh Talbot 8,17 pts.
    4) Dorian Pérez 7,64 pts.

  • Junior for woman:

    1) Rachel Agüero 12,07 pts.
    2) Indiana Ferri 8,23 pts.
    3) Yam Harel 5,76 pts.
    4) Auxiela Ryan 3,03 pts.

  • Boys category:

    1) Tomas Patenay 13,10 pts.
    2) Teo Simon 12,20 pts.
    3) Denzel Rosales 9,57 pts.
    4) Orlando Harel 4,10 pts.

  • Master category:

    1) Londner Amit 11,50 pts.
    2) Louis Guiffant 9,14 pts.
    3) Victor St Claire 6,87 pts.
    4) Jonathan Marin 6,50 pts.

  • Longboard: Category:

    1) Anthony Flores 11,34 pts.
    2) Tamil Martino 8,80 pts.
    3) Carlos Rojas 7,70 pts.
    4) Daniel Alvarez 6,86 pts.
    5) Victor St Claire 3,76 pts.

  • SUP category:

    Tamil Martino 11.44 pts. (🇵🇪 Peruvian World Champion, Pan American Champion and ALAS Champion)
    2) Jose Ruiz 8.77 pts.
    3) Anthony Flores 6.73 pts.
    4) Jefferson Tacson 3.60 pts.