The importance of surfwear

The importance of Surfwear.

When it comes to surfing, wearing the proper clothes seems not essential to the naked eye. We make the mistake of thinking that surfwear is just a gimmick to look cooler or “professional”.
But this mistake is paid dearly. When you are surfing and you start to notice some common drawbacks these inconveniences could take precious time from the surf lessons.

Also, It could affect our performance while surfing alone, to the point you can be risking your physical integrity. Because you are more worried about your clothes not helping at all, you can get distracted and make mistakes.
Mistakes in water sports and sports, in general, are something you can not take lightly. You can get hurt and that could mean an injury for life.

Hence, surfwear is not a simple accessory for those who practice water sports. It becomes the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your body. Likewise, comfortability is not expendable when doing physical activities, it can help you to fully focus on what matters at the time.
Following, we will share with you a list of situations that will make you consider the importance of surfwear for surfers or anyone who want to practice water sports.

Is surfwear that necessary?

As frequent surfers, we have run with a bunch of situations where having the right clothing made a difference. First, as rookies, we experienced these issues ourselves. Then, we have seen others wearing the wrong clothes and having incidents.

Loose attires

One of the most common issues happens when people’s clothes are loose. On the shore, some clothes feel tight but the seawater causes the clothes to go loose in seconds.
If you can not focus because you feel your clothes are falling from your body, you can not surf.

Revealing Vestments

Beachwear is nice for a walk on the beach or just sea bathing. On the contrary, water sports include being hit by a rough wave sometimes, or falling off the board. Beachwear isn’t ready for this. You soon will realize you are more worried about not showing “too much skin” accidentally and not enjoying the activity.

Rashes and sunburn

The adrenaline your body produces during the activity won’t allow you to feel the suffering your body. It is after you finished the exercise that you start to feel the consequences of not using the right attire. You’ll notice sunburns on your shoulders and your arms.
Also, you’ll see a weird rash on the sides of your waist. This is because you were holding the surfboard against it all the time and this contact with your skin, plus the seawater and your sweat can cause a temporary but annoying condition on your skin.


Even in tropical weather, the temperature of the water can be really low, down to 5 to 10 grades Celsius. Some people are really sensitive to low temperatures. When you feel this cold you won’t want to continue the surf session and get warmer as soon as possible. Some fabrics like cotton and polyester are good to absorb liquids and they get as cold as seawater.

Be safe and be free at the same time

Surfwear are special clothes designed to give surfers, and everyone practicing water sports, protection.
Made with spandex, this fabric can expand as long as twice the original size, giving you
But flexibility is not the only thing spandex offers:
High protection rate against UV radiation(if it is not too stretched). Also, surfwear is often designed in black and bright colors that repel most of the ultraviolet rays.
Good enough to keep the warm produced by the body inside. It is not a sweater but is bad at absorbing water and it can keep its own temperature longer.
Thick and strong enough to protect you against constant contact with other objects or minor scratches. It is known that spandex was developed for military uses back in the first half of the XX century.
If you want to know more about spandex fabric, we found this article to be very interesting.

The Girl and the sea surfwear designs

We count on our surfwear clothes here. As we know how important is to be properly dressed for surfing sessions we decided to include surfwear in our line of clothing. We use bright colors and designs that show the free and chill spirit of the surf lifestyle. At the same time, we use the properties of spandex to offer clothes specially made to deal with surfing mishaps.
You can check our line of surfwear here. If you are around the Nicoya Peninsula, you can visit our store at Santa Teresa. If you live in Costa Rica, get in contact with us and we can arrange your delivery straight to your house door or your local mail office.

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