Tag Team Surf Tournament Results

With participation of 6 teams and four to six feet waves, the tag team surf tournament was a total blast! What a time to be alive!. We were able to see different generations of surfers with great skill and perserverance.

The day of the surf tournament

It was a beautiful morning and people start to gather around the El Carmen beach. Members of the Asociacion de Surf de Mal Pais y Santa Teresa set a table in order to get the registration of the teams. Six teams composed of 6 participants registered in no time.

The Tag Team Surf tournament started and all the participants were showing their best on the water. Finesse and precision were the standards on the teams showing their experience no matter the category.
As the day passed the waves got higher and the wind stronger, making the competition harder for all the players.

In the end, all the teams deserved to win but such is the world of competition and one winner had to be declared. Hence, it was a tough decision and the “Macheteadores” from Playa Hermosa got the prize.

The Award Ceremony

The teams received their prizes according to their positions in the surf tournament table. The participants took photos with themselves and some of the audience who stayed at the beach the whole tournament. Good music courtesy of Select a Nightnurse accompanied the whole event.
Thanks to Jaen Photo 07 for the pictures and the video!
The Asociacion de Surf de Mal Pais y Santa Teresa wants to thank all the participants and the sponsors for making this amazing event a reality:
El Carmen Restaurant, Casa Zen, Tropico Latino, Banana Beach, Funky Monkey, Fuego Logde, Selina, Pura Vida Adventures, Good Munchies, Kooks, Casa del Mar, Roca Mar, Bali Coffee Shop, The Girl & The Sea, El Taco Corner, Tierra Foto. The best way to spend Sunday!!